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Boarding : Kennel Picture Small 01Happy Tails Inn Pet Resort features radiant floor heating throughout the patented T-Kennel Modular Suites. These features translate into total comfort for you pet. The heating system keeps the heat low to the floor and closer to your pet. This system also transfers heat to the fully contained modular suites. T-Kennel manufactures state of the art kennel systems with integrated internal drains and sloped floors. All fluids run to the back of the suite and into the drains. Full length sides made of F.R.P. Panels provide complete isolation. Your pet will not be annoyed or contaminated by any other guest at our resort. Lastly, these wonderful suites have F.R.P. Floors so your pet will never be subjected to a cold damp concrete floor to lie upon!


happy-tails-dog-kennel-njHappy Tails Inn has a daycare program that isflexible and convenient. We offer a well rounded program of exercise and entertainment for your pet with like size and temperament groups of well socialized canine citizens, or perhaps you just need us to take care of you pet for the day,that’s what we are here for. A great solution if you can’t bring yourself to crate your new dog (or puppy) during the day while you’re at work. We take care of your dog all day long for less than the cost of a pet sitter…

Did you know ? Pet sitters charge an average of $15 per walk!


Full service grooming includes:

  • Bathing with special shampoos selected to best benefit your pets coat and skin condition.
  • Cleaning the ears and clipping the nails – Included in all grooming services.

Additional Add-on Services 

  • Shed-less treatment – Furballs got you down? The shed-less treatment is aimed to help decrease the amount of under coat that drops for your pet. Breed like Labs, Goldens, Shepards, etc.. are great examples of dogs that greatly benefit from this service.
  • Teeth Brushing – Oral health is important to Fido too! Brushing their teeth regularly to prevent tartar and plaque build up not only keeps them pearly white, but also healthy and happy!