Covid-19 Message
We will be receiving and releasing your pets from our parking area. Please use the doorbell to alert us of your arrival. We will use the window to process your invoice. Thank you for your cooperation.

Boarding • Daycare • Training • more!

Call Us: (908) 813-3832


Boarding Rates:

  • Small Dogs (up to 15 lbs) $25.00 per night
  • Medium Dogs (up to 70 lbs) $30.00 per night
  • Large Dogs (over 70 lbs) $35.00 per night

** Please call for multi-pet Discounts**
Call Us for custom family dog rates!
Our pricing is calculated for a day (24 hours)
Based on a morning dropoff (8AM – 11AM) or based on a evening dropoff (4PM-6PM)

Weekends 2 day minimum
Sunday pick  @ 4:00 -6:00 PM only
Full Day Charge for Sunday

**Seasonal Dates** 3 day minimum

Seasonal Dates Include

  • Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter
  • Summer Season June 15 – September 5
  • Medications (pills): $1.00 per frequency
  • Medications (eye, ear drops): $2.00 per frequency
  • Medications (injections): $2.00 per frequency

Day Care for Dogs

  • “The Classics” Monday – Friday:  $25.00 per day
  • “The Hot Rods” Tuesday & Thursday:  $40.00 per day