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We will be receiving and releasing your pets from our parking area. Please use the doorbell to alert us of your arrival. We will use the window to process your invoice. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Our Mission is your Peace of Mind. Whether you are planning a vacation,
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all the difference in the quality of your time away.

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“I can’t thank Happy Tails enough for the care and attention he gave to two dogs while we were on vacation! Our one dog is 6 years old and we have never been able to kennel her. We did one day care with Happy Tails and felt so comfortable with him and the facilities that we were able to take a week-long vacation. I teasingly call Happy Tails ‘Caeser’ because he was able to immediately make our dog feel sage and one of his pack. She was actually playing with other dogs; something she has NEVER done except with her sister.

We are very happy with the care and facilities at Happy Tails Inn. I feel very comfortable leaving my ‘furry kids’ in their care!

Deb W. (Tranquillity, NJ)

“Happy Tails Inn Pet Resort has been a wonderful ‘find’ for us. Jake, our high energy Brittany, gets all the exercise he needs in their spacious rooms and outdoor and indoor play areas. We take Jake to ‘Doggie Day Care’ at Happy Tails every week and it frees time up for us and makes Jakea much calmer pup when he comes home. But most of all Happy Tails, Carolyn, TJ and the staff at Happy Tails love Jake and Jake loves them and that’s the big difference for us!”

-Julianne W. (Port Murray, NJ)

“We have a St. Bernard and English Mastiff that are older and not as social as they used to be. We had been so nervous to consider leaving them at a kennel for fear that they would act out and make it impossible to be cared for. We met with Happy Tails and he reassured us that there were no worries, that they would let them out to play together and not with the other dogs and all would be well. Still slightly hesitant, we dropped our overgrown babies off with the instructions to call us should there be problems (we were vacationing only 5 hours away and were willing to come back.) Well, the dogs were fine! Our almost blind mastiff preferred to be handled by a woman and Carolyn gave her special attention for the week. What a relief for us! We could actually go on vacation together. We have been back several times since and plan to continue using this facility, what a great find!

-Jennifer G. (Belvidere, NJ)